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(153) A Typical Month of Activities of a Small Town Knights of Columbus Council in Gallipolis, Ohio


MARCH 2015
(Apologies for not sending this last week; my internet was out.)  
(It did appear as an insert in the St. Louis Church Bulletin March 7-8)

        The highlight of February was the annual special olympics type activity that the knights held at the GDC gymnasium for the developmentally disabled children and adults of the Rehabilitation Center (formerly Guiding Hand School).  It consisted mainly of basketball free throws.  Each of the approximately 50 participants received a t-shirt and a medal as a prize.  Jim Ryan, a past Grand Knight, has been coordinating the event for many years.

           The Lenten Friday Fish Fry.  The knights and many others are doing their part in organizing, buying the food, cooking, washing dishes, and cleaning up.  It all helps to bring the parish together as workers and/or diners.  At the same time the Fish Fry is a great ecumenical outreach to the community.  People of all faiths come for delicious food and great fellowship.  Join them.  Let them meet the wonderful people of our parish.

March Activities and Announcements
1.    K of C Benefit Breakfast - Sunday March 8 after the 8 am and 10 am Masses (2nd Sunday of each month) for St. Louis K of C Council Charities.  It will be great fellowship and delicious food with a lot of love added to it to strengthen our parish community.  Bring your family and friends.  Every breakfast benefits one of the Knights of Columbus charities or scholarships for deserving students of the parish.  The December Breakfast raised $300 for the March for Life Pilgrimage January 21-22. 

We need help to setup and prepare the food at 7 am, washing dishes, and cleaning up after each of the two breakfasts.  Our response for the last breakfast was better, but we still need all the help we can get especially before the 8 am Mass.

2.    Eucharistic Adoration - Sunday March 8 after the 10 am Mass.  The Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament will conclude with Vespers at 4 pm.   It would be great to have a Knights of Columbus Honor Guard there.  Brother knight, if you come for adoration, please kneel/sit in the front row for as long as you desire, be it only 15 minutes or more.  You don’t have to be in regalia.  Bruce Davison usually occupies the first row on the right for most of the time, including the all-nighters.  You can do spiritual reading; converse with the Lord; and share your innermost thoughts and concerns with Him. One simple person said: “I look at Him and He looks at me”…….i.e., listening to His inspiration.  In medieval times squires would keep all-night prayer vigils before the tabernacle in preparation for being dubbed as new knights the following morning.  The knights of old would protect their kings; today we protect Christ the King in the Blessed Sacrament with our lives if necessary.  After all, more than once in modern times has the Eucharist been desecrated as a group of radical gays did a couple of years ago in St. Patrick's Cathedral New York City.
3.  1st Degree Initiation - Sunday March 15 for new knights in Churchtown is a very impressive ceremony.  All men of the parish who are faithful practicing Catholics are invited to join the Knights of Columbus.  There’s great fellowship and many opportunities to serve God and His people.  Men, make a difference for the Church, the Parish, and the Community and grow spiritually too; join the Knights of Columbus.  Furthermore, it has a life insurance program which rates with the most financially solid insurance companies in the world.  Besides giving generous rebates, the profits don’t go to the stockholders, but to Knights of Columbus charities.  Contact Grand Knight Mike Haas at 740-645-1646.

4.    2nd & 3rd Degree Initiation – Sunday March 22 in Marietta for active members of the Council.  Advance in your knowledge of the Knights of Columbus and strengthen your commitment.  Contact Grand Knight Mike Haas at 740-645-1646.           

5.     Monthly Business Dinner Meeting - Monday March 23 at 6:30 pm.  We have great fellowship at dinner and the input of every knight is most valuable at the meeting as we make decisions about future activities.  Our Council is as strong as each knight makes it.  We will pray the rosary before the meeting inside the church at 5:45 pm.  We cannot be an effective Council without the Lord’s help and guidance.

6.   Knights of Columbus Fifth Sunday MassSunday March 29 at 10 am.  The 4th Degree knights will process in full regalia and make the Mass more beautiful and impressive than it already is.  The knights will do it all; Fr. Tom is also a knight.  Since it is Palm Sunday the 4th degree knights will meet at the church at 9:15 am and join the ecumenical celebration in the Gallipolis City Park by 9:30 am.  Let’s all show up in force.

7.     Super Cash BONANZA Raffle Tickets – $108,000 in Prizes; 1ST Prize $49,680.  $5.00 per chance may be purchased from any knight.  Better than the lottery.  The St. Louis Council has a good chance of receiving $4.60 from each ticket if turned in by April 1.  That money will be used for scholarships for the students of our parish.

8.    The Knights continue to sponsor and lead the rosary 25 to 30 minutes before the Masses of the first Saturday and first Sunday of the month.  For March it’s Sunday March 1 and Saturday March 7.  The next one will be the week-end of April 4-5. 

9.   Prayers Needed.  John Payne is done with his radiation and quimo for cancer.  He continues to attend the meetings and cook for our breakfasts, fish fries, and dinners.  Oscar Bastiani is recovering from neck/back surgeries.  Now he comes to Mass on Saturday evenings, attends our meetings, and collects money for the breakfasts and fish fries.  They both attended our Men’s Conference.  These guys are unsinkable; nothing keeps them down.  Please continue to keep our brother knights in your prayers.  Sadly, three brother knights have seen their families break up.  Pray for reconciliation & more stable marriages in our parish.

Knight Family Notes. On March 8 Naomi Sebastian, recipient of the 2013 $250 Knights of Columbus scholarship and a sophomore nursing major and member of the swim team at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, will be leaving for a week long mission trip to Haiti.  She will be working in an orphanage run by the “Movin’ With the Spirit” apostolate and has been raising money for the trip.  That includes $1000 as a donation from each student to finance a new building for the orphanage.   Please pray for the people of Haiti, the orphans and their orphanage as well as for the safety of Naomi and her fellow students.  While college students live it up in Florida during their Spring Break, many Franciscan University of Steubenville students go on mission trips.  Franciscan University is one of the few Catholic colleges that are truly Christ centered and take very seriously its original mission…….to form its students to change the world for Christ and His people.  Give us news of your family.     

          The strength of our Council depends so much on you.......your participation, your volunteering your time and effort to serve God and His people.  Thank you for all of your help.

      Lord, help the Knights of Columbus be a force
       for the renewal of the parish and ourselves too.

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