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(145) Knights of Columbus Council 3335 St. Louis Gallipolis Receives International Award

         As the Public Relations Officer of the Knights of Columbus Council 3335 St. Louis Gallipolis, I submitted the following press release to the local media.  It follows the national Knights of Columbus press release format and model for the Star Award.  I adapted it and added information particular to our council.   It was picked up by the following entities: 
*Gallia Hometown Herald October 17, 2014

*Sunday Times-Sentinel Page 2C October 26, 2014

Knights of Columbus
Council 3335
St. Louis Church
85 State Street
Gallipolis, OH 45631

                                                                             Contact: Paul R. Sebastian
                                                                                                                  Public Relations Officer


            Knights of Columbus Council 3335 of St. Louis Church in Gallipolis has earned the distinction of Star Council, one of the organization’s top awards, for the 2013-14 fraternal year (under the tenure of Grand Knight Matt Bokovitz).  The organization’s headquarters, located in New Haven, Connecticut, made the announcement.  The award recognizes overall excellence in the areas of membership recruitment and retention, promotion of the fraternal insurance program, and sponsorship of service oriented activities in the parish and the surrounding community.  The award was presented to the membership by the District #53 Deputy Don Frymyer of Pomeroy at the recent Council meeting.

            In announcing the local winner of the Star Council Award, Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson, chief executive officer of the Catholic fraternal organization, said:  “Please accept my sincere congratulations upon attaining this prestigious award.  Your dedication to the Order is seen in the high standard of excellence you have achieved.  At the same time, I encourage you to carry forward this enthusiasm to meet the challenges that will face the Knights of Columbus in the years ahead.  May this award be a reminder and an inspiration to the members of your council to continue to promote the ideals of Columbianism for the good of the Church, your community, and the Order.”

            “Receiving the Star Council Award is quite an honor for us.  We’re very proud of this accomplishment and will continue to serve our Church and the people of Gallia County with renewed energy,” proclaimed recently elected Grand Knight Mike Haas, head of the St. Louis council.

            The Knights of Columbus is the world’s largest Catholic lay organization.  It provides members and their families with volunteer opportunities in service to the Church, their communities, and youth.  With more than 1.8 million members in over 15,000 councils around the world, the Knights of Columbus annually donates more than $170 million and 70 million hours of service to charitable causes.  The most prominent community activities of the St. Louis Council include the Coats for Kids campaign and Special Olympics at GDC.  Please visit and for more information.

            All faithful Catholic men of the area are invited to join the Knights of Columbus (call Bruce Davison at 256-1427).  Members enjoy great fellowship along with family activities and opportunities to serve the parish and the community.  A big bonus is the life insurance program to protect families.  It ranks at the very top as to financial stability among all insurance organizations and companies.  Any profits do not go to stockholders, but rather are returned to the insured in rebates and used for a number of charitable causes.

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(144) Highlights of the 2014 Respect Life Conference of the Diocese of Steubenville


            Each one of us has a very important part in promoting life that is being snuffed out in over a million pregnant mothers in the United States alone each year and also more and more in the terminally ill who society believes have outlived their usefulness.  To be effective in promoting life in our families, among our friends, in our parishes, in our communities, and in loving dialogues with pro-abortion people as well as young girls contemplating abortion, we must know what we are talking about.  We must be informed.  With such excellent and expert speakers, it was disappointing that only about 75 people from the entire diocese attended the recent Diocesan Respect life Conference in Marietta.  Since this is Respect Life month, I would like to share a few highlights of that excellent conference.
Right to Life from Conception to Natural Death

                                                                 End of Life Issues

Jason B. Negri, MS, JD, the Assistant Director of the Patients Rights Council (, author of many articles, and a practicing attorney gave the keynote address not on abortion, but on a growing threat…….euthanasia.  It is legal in some states and even where it is illegal, there is often de facto euthanasia.  “It happens all the time that the patient is receiving comfort care and suddenly s/he’s gone since death is hastened”.  Some experts predict that it will increase especially when treatment is too costly and euthanasia is cheaper.  An insurance company may pay for euthanasia, but not life saving treatment.  In Belgium and the Netherlands, 32% of euthanasia is done without the patient’s consent.  The same could happen here if trends continue.   Then medical professionals would have to participate in assisted suicide and abortion or lose their jobs.

            Thus Mr. Negri recommends advanced directives as a living will with your wishes stated or a medical power of attorney in case of dementia and inability to function.  The problem with an advanced directive is who interprets the document.  It could be somebody in the hospital with a bias for euthanasia.  If your wishes are not specifically stated, most states accept the decision of first the spouse and second the adult children.  It could also be a hospital board that may not be your advocate.

The Church does not require vitalism…….sustaining life in the terminally ill as long as possible.   “As Christians we should not be afraid of death and as St. Francis even welcome it to be with God.  Most people prefer to die at home in the presence of their loved ones.  However there is a big distinction between allowing the terminally ill patient to die naturally and killing him.  The benefit verses the burden should be considered in deciding whether to give the patient more quimo, keeping him on a ventilator, etc.  However, food and water must be given to the patient unless the body is shutting down and cannot process it.  It is not medical treatment, but normative even if through a tube.  That is essential to comfort care.  Death must not be hastened as by an overdose.  It is form of coercion to tell the patient “Maybe assisted suicide is an option”, implying that s/he is a burden.  Of course, pain should be and invariably can be alleviated even though the patient is offering it up.

            I might add that euthanasia is evil not only because it is “mercy” killing, but because it deprives the patient of the time needed to prepare spiritually for eternity.  We don’t know how God uses that additional time.  There are great spiritual benefits in offering up suffering as a prayer for peace, the Church, and loved ones in faith and trust in God.  Such an attitude is a path to sanctity (see my blog #133).
How can Society allow the destruction of so many miracles?

Post Abortion Healing

Lynette Hawrot, a licensed clinical counselor, asserted from her experience that post abortion trauma is very real despite denials by the pro-abortion camp that it does not exist.  “At least 80% of women suffer great guilt, although some 10% don’t.”   In addition there is anger, depression, and often alcoholism.   Common is “I know God forgives me, but I can’t forgive myself”.   One priest in the audience revealed that some 15 girls confessed to an abortion and the common thread was that they hear a baby crying at night.  Ms. Howrot confirmed that commonality.   

Therapy may include writing a letter to the aborted baby after giving him/her a name; bringing flowers to her; putting a teddy bear in a corner of the house; using or; and of course, confession.  The women must forgive themselves and must accept God’s mercy because many feel that their abortion is so evil that God won’t forgive them.   She recommended the books “Forbidden Grief, the Unspoken Pain of Abortion” by Theresa Burke and “Unplanned” by Abby Johnson on her experience working in a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic.

The Need for Conscience Protection

            Amy McInerny of the National Committee for a Human Life Amendment ( & updated us on what’s current and proposed in Congress.  The “No Taxpayer funding for Abortion Act” was voted down in 2010.  Also introduced by Chris Smith (R-NJ) is the “Abortion Insurance Disclosure Act”.  The Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby Decision held that the contraceptive mandate as applied to closely held for–profit corporations violated the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA).  The Health Care Conscience Rights Act (HCCRA) was introduced in both houses, but needs your support via letters to your congressmen.  The U.S. Supreme Court struck down a 2007 Massachusetts law that made it a crime to stand on a public sidewalk within 35 feet of an entrance or drive to an abortion clinic because it violated the First Amendment.    

Reacting to the Hobby Lobby case, Senate liberals introduced the so called “Protect Women’s Health from Corporate Interference Act” that would revoke conscience rights now guaranteed by RFRA (“Restoration of Freedom of Religion Act”) for employers and could empower federal officials to mandate abortion in health plans.  It failed by only two votes.  The “Women’s Health Protection Act” would mandate that abortion be treated as a routine medical procedure.   That would knock down almost every state or federal law that seeks to restrain or regulate abortion.  I might add that a few weeks ago our 17 year old son was refused an eye exam until he received parental permission by law, but a 16 year old girl can get an abortion and the parents may never know.

             We must urge our congressmen to vote for pro-life legislation.  Letters to congressmen are very effective.  She repeated the quote: “When the government fears the people, that’s liberty; when the people fear the government, that’s tyranny”.  She suggested that we follow the admonition of Pope Benedict XVI: “When you speak the truth, speak with charity”.  The United States Catholic Bishops Conference website ( gives updates on legislation.

Babies were tremendous witnesses in the 2012 March for Life

Challenges Faced By Medical Professionals

            Dan Halrot, a pharmacist, would not be able to work in conscience for most drugstores.  There are an estimated 1,894,000 abortions per year due to the pill.  The use of contraceptives actually increase pregnancy rates because the false sense of security increases sexual activity and the failure rate is very significant.  There is indeed a correlation between the pill and breast cancer despite denials of the so called experts.   Many vaccines are created using aborted fetal cell lines (see  Children of God for Life ( provides a list of products that use fetal cell lines.
            One obstetrician observed that seeing a cadaver was a life changing experience because he thought that there must have been something that gave this mass of tissues life.

            Halrot encouraged pro-lifers: “We have the truth.  Be firm; promulgate the truth.  We’re the lighthouse and cannot move and adjust course as a ship can.  We live in the Church and go to the world.”

            Another speaker advocated the positive in pro-life campaigns…….showing the beauty of a baby’s development from conception to birth and beyond.

Mass & Homily by Bishop Monforton

            He introduced his homily singing: “Let your light shine through the darkness”.  We are not alone.  He noted that most girls who come for an abortion at Ohio University are freshmen.  If the guy says: “I support you in your decision”, there’s a 90% probability that the girl will keep the baby.  Teaching the kids in the 8th grade about the evils of abortion is too late.  The culture already has them indoctrinated.  Kids learn from their parents.  This was evident by the experience of our daughter as a babysitter.  She played “Mommy” with a little girl, who said:  “I’m going to have my tubes tied”.

                As a postscript, let me share the true story of Jane Roe, actually Norma McCorvey of the Roe v Wade Supreme Court Decision.  Click on

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(143) Rosary in the Park: the Public Square Rosary Rally in Gallipolis, Ohio........You can organize one in your community.


       Every year St. Louis Church and Knights of Columbus Council 3335 St. Louis Gallipolis sponsors a Public Square Biblical Rosary Prayer Rally in the city park along the main street in the commerical area of Gallipolis, a rural town of about 5000 on the Ohio River.  Our hope is that this blog will stimulate other communities around the country to do the same at noon on the Saturday closest to October 13, the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima.  It was October 13, 1917 that Mary sent as a sign, the "Miracle of the Sun" in which the sun seemed to spin and fall from the sky.  The well documented phenomena was seen for a radius of some 25 miles.  See blogs #95 & #96 for more detail.    

         We were one of 12,629 rosary rallies all over the country.  That, however, is only a small fraction of all the communities of the United States.  Any church or Knights of Columbus council can organize one.  Simply contact the America Needs Fatima organization at  They will provide materials, including a large banner for the occasion.  It could be held by two people or attached to two stakes. 

        Promoting the Rally.  After describing the rally, we will discuss promoting the event.  If he were alive today, St. Paul would use every modern means at his disposal.  That section includes samples of our promotion.  They include 1) a church bulletin announcement, 2) a flyer and church bulletin insert, 3) a blurb for the community calendar or local briefs of a local newspaper to appear daily for a week or two, and 4) Word of Mouth.  Most of the members of the parish and the community will not come, but the promotion makes people aware of the need for prayer and the rosary.  The rally is a marvelous profession of faith to those who are passing by and creates in a small way a culture of prayer.  The sick and the shut-ins can be asked to participate from their homes.  Their prayers are powerful.  

            Below are a couple of views of the Gallipolis City Park where the rosary rally was held along 2nd St. in easy view of cars passing by on the main thoroughfare through town .

Prayer in the Park
Photo and caption are reprinted from the Gallipolis Daily Tribune October 14, 2014

Mike Haas, back, passes out hymn books to people who turned out for Saturday’s “Public Square Biblical Rosary Prayer Rally” in Gallipolis City Park. The event, which took place by the gazebo, invited people of all faiths to “answer a call for prayer and sacrifice in reparation, to pray the rosary for world peace, to stop the onslaught of ISIS and to save our country from immorality and secularism.” Also pictured is Father Thomas Hamm, of St. Louis Catholic Church, talking with one of the prayer event organizers, Paul Sebastian.

         To our surprise Michael Johnson, the editor of the Gallipolis Daily Tribune came to cover our Public Square Rosary Rally.  After giving us daily blurbs for a week, he put the photo and description above on the front page and in the internet edition at www.mydailytribune.comIn addition the internet newspaper, Gallia Hometown Herald ( put it on their community calendar.  Never has our Rosary Rally had such great coverage.  This was great publicity for both St. Louis Church and the Knights of Columbus.  The two knights in  the photo are wearing the 4th Degree ceremonial Knights of Columbus regalia as honor guards.  The cape, chapeau, and sword resemble the formal dress worn by knights in the time of Christopher Columbus. 
            Although Saturday October 11 was a cool overcast day, the turnout for the Rosary Rally was the best ever in the Gallipolis City Park overlooking the Ohio River in the downtown area…….44 men, women, children, and even babies.   The Gallipolis Public Square Rosary Rally joined 12,629 rallies all over the United States, praying the rosary at noon.  The Public Square Rosary Rally was founded by the America Needs Fatima group (see  Their goal is to promote Mary’s message at Fatima, Portugal in 1917…….prayer, particularly the rosary for peace, penance, reparation for sin, repentance. 
James Davison introduced the rally to the Gallipolis City Park in 2008 or so.  While he was serving our country in the army, we continued his legacy every year since 2011 (see blogs #6 & # 100 for previous reports) on the Saturday closest to the feast of Our Lady of Fatima and the Miracle of the Sun on October 13.  These rallies are also the legacy of Fred Edelmann, who asked the Knights of Columbus from his deathbed to organize and lead the rosary before Sunday Mass. 

        In previous rallies, we gave a 10 minute introduction to the rosary and why this rally is important with some history.  That can be found in Blog #100.  This time we sang three hymns that included "Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace" at the beginning, "Immaculate Mary" in the middle, and "America the Beautiful at the end.  We gathered in the park on the 2nd Street side which had the most traffic and behind the small Veterans Memorial.  This made it more meaningful in that we were praying for peace when there would be less need for a large military and mostly career soldiers would be used to keep the peace.
          The children added a special flavor to the rally with their beauty and pure hearts.  A crying baby was like music, no bother at all.  The babies present were very symbolic of the pro-life movement to put a stop to abortion, which snuffs out the lives of over a million little human beings in the womb each year.  The children were at their best behavior with great reverence.  It was most impressive.  Some of the kids even knelt down on the grass.  It was a sacrifice for the people who have difficulty standing and eventually had to sit on a nearby park bench.  Some of the sick, the bedridden, the shut-ins, and others joined us at home.  Fr. Thomas Hamm, our pastor, led the rosary.  He preceded each of the joyful mysteries with a Bible reading and a meditation of Pope Francis.  We did the Joyful Mysteries because non-Catholics would be more comfortable with them and their scriptural content.  It was all a beautiful witness and profession of faith.  THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING!



Public Square Rosary Prayer Rally – Saturday October 11 at 12 pm noon in the Gallipolis City Park by the gazebo on 2nd St.  Please join us and thousands all over the country to follow Mary's appeal made at Fatima in 1917 for prayer and sacrifice in pray the rosary for world peace and to save our country from immorality and secularism. The need is urgent!  As history shows, there is great power in public prayer because of its witness of faith and appeal for repentance.  Prayer has healed millions, ended wars, overthrown dictators, stopped the advance of militant Islam into Europe in 1456, 1571 and again in 1683 at Vienna.  Today we must pray to stop ISIS.  Let us all come together for a powerful witness.  See and blog #125 on the Power of the Rosary in World History.,,


*To Pray for World Peace
*That God Would Save Our Country from Immorality and Secularism 
*And to Stop the Onslaught of ISIS.

SATURDAY OCTOBER 11 at 12 noon 
Gallipolis City Park Gazebo on 2nd St. 

*Join us and thousands all over the country to follow Mary's appeal made at Fatima in 1917 for prayer and sacrifice in reparation.
*Bring your families too because
 “The family that prays together, stays together.”

      There is great power in public prayer because
    of its witness of faith and appeal for repentance.

          The rosary is very biblical.  It is a litany of repetitive prayer, which acts like background music, while the main focus is to meditate upon different mysteries in the life of Christ and His mother, grouped according to the joyful, luminous, sorrowful, and glorious events portrayed or alluded to in the Bible.  “More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.”  See

            Yes, “More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of”.  This is attributed to the great British author, Alfred Lord Tennyson.  But Fr. Patrick Peyton, the Rosary Priest, used this saying to promote the family prayer and the rosary on national television and radio and all over the world in the 20th Century.  On his Family Theater, he enlisted most of the top Hollywood stars of the day to volunteer their help……from Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby to James Dean and Loretta Young.  Someday Fr. Peyton will be a saint.  His cause is advancing.
            This Public Square Rosary Prayer Rally is our response and the response of thousands of others all over the Country to Mary’s appeal at Fatima, Portugal in 1917 for repentance, reparation, and to pray the rosary for peace.  Her last appearance to the three shepherd children was accompanied by the spectacular documented Miracle of the Sun as a sign of authenticity of her message on October 13, 1917.  Visible as far as 25 miles away, the sun appeared to spin and fall from the sky after a sustained downpour.  Thus the date of the annual Public Square Biblical Rosary Prayer Rally is always the Saturday closest to that date, in the range October 10 – October 16.  See my blogs #95 and #96 at

            Today our country is full of problems, most with a moral component.......wars in Syria, Iraq,  and Afghanistan, that concern us, rampant crime, poverty, over 6.1% unemployment, out-of-control government deficits and debt, broken families, pornography, promiscuity, endemic sexually transmitted diseases, cohabitation, abortion, euthanasia, etc. They seem to be intractable.  Our best brains cannot solve these problems and we sometimes feel helpless.  Clearly, we need divine help.        

            There is great power in public prayer because of its witness of faith and appeal for repentance.  It’s a great profession of faith!  For example, the withdrawal of Soviet forces from Austria in 1955 and the peaceful overthrow of the dictator Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines in 1986 are attributed to public prayer.  In Manila, people praying with their rosaries in hand stopped a tank attempting to disperse a demonstration of thousands. 

Prayer stopped the advance of militant Islam into Europe in the Battle of Belgrade in 1456;  the Battle of Lepanto on October 7, 1571 (the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary); and the Battle of Vienna September 11 & 12, 1683.  Now you know why Osama Bin Laden chose 9/11 for his War on America.   
Today we are facing another onslaught of radical Islam.  First it was El Qaida and now another group , in Iraq and Syria even more brutal.  They call themselves the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or ISIS.  This is but another chapter in the 1400 year old war between Western Civilization and militant Islam which takes the Quran very literally and proselytizes by force and brutality.  Let us pray.

Your participation makes a difference.  There is power in numbers, all praying together.  If you cannot come, you can still pray at home, preferably at noon or later if more convenient.  The prayers of the sick and offering their crosses for this cause is most effective.

           Please participate in the Public Square Biblical Rosary Prayer Rally and join us and thousands of others in prayer…..all over the USA on Saturday October 11 at 12 noon in the Gallipolis City Park between the gazebo and the Veterans Memorial facing 2nd Street.  Two Knights in full regalia will act as an honor guard.  We will be using the meditations of Pope Francis.


Public Square Biblical Rosary Prayer Rally – Saturday October 11 at 12 pm noon in the Gallipolis City Park by the gazebo on 2nd St.  All faiths are invited to join us and thousands all over the country to answer the call for prayer and sacrifice in pray the rosary (meditations with repetitive prayer as background) for world peace and to stop the onslaught of ISIS and to save our country from immorality and secularism. The need is urgent!  As history shows, there is great power in public prayer because of its witness of faith and appeal for repentance.  Prayer has healed millions, ended wars, overthrown dictators, stopped the advance of militant Islam into Europe in 1456, 1571, and again in 1683.  See


            Most people don't read the church bulletin in detail and some not at all.  Many give only a quick glance at flyers.  Using an e-mail list of people helps, but many don''t use it much.  Facebook seems to be quite effective.  The most effective form of advertising  of all is word of mouth.  Asking people one on one is difficult and time consuming, but very effective.  That gives them the impression that their presence is important (see Blog #141).  In other words, pass the word among acquaintances at the parish.  Key family figures are often very effective in mobilizing the immediate as well as the extended family.  The local Knights of Columbus council, the Catholic Women's Club, and the parish youth group can be very effective.   Even though many of them will not come, they are made more aware of the need for prayer.

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(142) The Ohio Valley Symphony: 25 Years a Jewel on the Banks of the Ohio


*Previously published  in the Gallipolis Daily Tribune October 1, 2014 and on line at
*Also published in the on line newspaper, Gallia Hometown Herald October 2, 2014 at

        This Saturday October 4 at 8 pm the sounds of violins, cellos, bass violins, flutes, harps, trumpets, oboes, clarinets, bassoons, French horns, trombones, tubas, percussion, piano, etc. of The Ohio Valley Symphony will reverberate through the beautifully restored vintage 1895 opera house complex, known today as the Ariel-Ann Carson Dater Performing Arts Centre.  The best architects of today would have a difficult time designing a theater with the near perfect acoustics of this relic in the heart of Gallipolis, Ohio.  This 25th Anniversary Concert, the first of the season, will feature the soloist Jay Campbell with his Cello.

          Under the leadership of Lora Snow, the community in a beautiful grass roots effort mobilized its resources, local businesses, and other entities to restore a neglected century old opera house in disrepair to the splendor of its heyday. The Ariel Theatre (really pronounced AR-ee-L) was partially restored for a grand re-opening concert in 1990.  Further renovations received a big boost in 1991 thanks to a major gift from friends and colleagues of Morris Haskins to honor his 50 years of service to Ohio Valley Bank.  In 1998, Meigs County native Ann Carson Dater, established and endowment to be used toward better musician pay, more rehearsal time, more soloists, professional recording, and children’s concerts.  In 2005, Mrs. Dater financed the purchase of the entire Ariel building to provide a permanent home for the symphony and to create a center for the performing arts.  For more detail, click on or
Ann Carson Dater, Lora Snow, and her daughter
         For years The Ohio Valley Symphony has opened its season in the Fall in Point Pleasant and ended it in spectacular fashion with Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture in the Gallipolis City Park amidst fireworks over the majestic Ohio River shared by the states of Ohio and West Virginia.  This masterpiece, a memorial to the Napoleonic Wars and invasion of Russia, provides a great backdrop for our Independence Day celebration which commemorates the battles for freedom that cost so many lives in the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 against the British.
        While negotiating for a prisoner exchange 200 years ago on September 14, 1814, Francis Scott Key was stranded on a British ship during the all night bombardment of Ft. McHenry outside of Baltimore.  At dawn the flag at Ft. McHenry was still there!  This inspired him to write the poem and later lyric for what is known today as the Star Spangled banner.  This musical spectacle with fireworks in the Gallipolis City Park is similar to an accompaniment in a movie, allowing one to imagine being there during one of the battles or during the bombardment of Ft. McHenry.
        All of the sounds of the diverse instruments come together at the symphony in almost perfect unity and harmony under the direction of Maestro Ray Fowler…….the ultimate of teamwork.  Only one musician with the wrong note or the correct note a bit too soon or a fraction of a second late could damage the performance.

A Christmas Concert of the Ohio Valley Symphony
        The conductor, much like a quarterback in football, keeps every member of a team of up to 59 members at the Ariel in synchronization by keeping the rhythm with his baton and giving each musician with different instruments the necessary cues to start or stop.  With his gestures and body language, the conductor conveys the original intention, the emotion, and the mood of the composer whose genius, inspired creativity, and artistry combined the many diverse instrumental sounds into a harmonious masterpiece.

         It’s fun to locate the different instruments and their sounds in the large orchestra.  It duplicates such unique sounds as of sleigh bells and the horses plowing through the snow as well as the heavenly sounds of Christmas in its December performance……the strings, the wind instruments, percussion, piano, etc.    In March it brings to us in Gallipolis the sounds of Broadway, both oral and instrumental.  Some of its music is pops and some is classical.  Over the year we are treated to a great variety of music and great compositions. 

Maestro Ray Fowler
         There’s something very special about being actually there at the symphony that cannot be duplicated on a CD or a DVD or live on TV even if the sounds are perfectly recorded and transmitted.  The atmosphere between performers and audience is exciting.  The composition may reflect joy, sadness, struggle, emotion, romance, inner conflict, evil, or sometimes even a little foretaste of the true, the good, and the beautiful of heaven.  Let’s all make sure that we get there.  The members of the audience can feel as though they are part of the performance or that they are one of those who the composer intended to communicate to in his very first concert.

         A big bonus is the opportunity to attend a half hour Pre-Concert Chat at 7:15 pm with Tom Consolo, the assistant conductor and a performer himself in the symphony.  He enlightens us with information about the composer and gives us insights for understanding the musical compositions.  Occasionally the featured soloist attends and gives insights into his/her own performance.  They patiently answer our questions as well. 

         The gifted musicians of The Ohio Valley Symphony from seven states and other symphonies have devoted their childhood, their youth, and their adult lives to study often at the best schools and continual practice in order to master their particular instruments.  It involves years of hard work and sacrifice to develop their talents and share the fruits of it all for our enjoyment…….a relaxing evening with a respite from a tumultuous world and a hard week.

          These musicians don’t do it for the money because there’s not much there unless one becomes a superstar.  Most teach on the side to earn a living.  They do it because they love music and the immense satisfaction of sharing their music with us.  To them we owe a debt of gratitude.  Some of our citizens have enjoyed the Ohio Valley Symphony Orchestra since its initial performance in 1990.