Monday, March 4, 2024

(288) Dr. Alan Schreck to Discuss How to Live By the Power of the Holy Spirit At the Steubenville Diocesan Men's Day of Renewal


Dr. Alan Schreck

The Diocese of Steubenville continues its annual Men's Day of Renewal on Saturday, March 9 at St. Stephen’s Church, 1036 Belford St. in Caldwell off of Exit 25 on I-77, a half hour north of Marietta or a half hour south of I-70.  This Conference will be the thirteenth Men’s Day since 2010.  Doors open for Registration, coffee, and optional prayer at 8 am.  The main program will begin at 9 am, continuing until 4 pm.  The theme of the Conference is “Living Under the Power of the Holy Spirit”.  The patron of the Conference is St. Joseph, a model of virtue and a true man of God, whose intercession we count upon for its success.

To complement the Holy Hour, the Penance Service, and Mass presided by Bishop Bradley the featured speaker is Dr. Alan Schreck, has been a professor of Theology at the Franciscan University of Steubenville. for 45 years.  The main speaker has taught a variety of theology courses specializing in Catholic Doctrine, Church History, the Teachings of Vatican II and St. Pope John Paul II, Ecclesiology, Apologetics, and the Theology of the Holy Spirit.  He had a major role expanding the undergraduate program, distance learning, and founding the graduate program.  Dear to his heart is spiritual renewal in the Church in the spirit of St. Francis.

Dr. Schreck has spoken at numerous conferences for laity, religious, and academics all over the country and has appeared on EWTN television many times.  Outside of class he belongs to a charismatic community and is a member of Triumph of the Cross Parish.  He is not only a scholar, but also an athlete, a runner who has helped coach the track team.  Despite being so busy, he and his wife Nancy raised five children and have 13 grandchildren.  Thus he can identify with the problems and daily struggles facing the men who will be participating in the Diocesan Men’s Day of Renewal.

He is a prolific author, having written 16 books, including best sellers and two on this year’s topic, the Holy Spirit: “Your Life in the Holy Spirit” (Word Among Us Press) and “The Gift: Discovering the Holy Spirit in Catholic Tradition” (Paraclete Press).  His books are simple to read for the layman yet deep and thought provoking.

      The men who attend his two presentations at the Men’s Conference will receive some fascinating insights about how to live in the power of the Holy Spirit, beyond what we learned as boys and young men in catechism and preparation for the sacrament of Confirmation often many years ago.  Dr. Schreck will explore such points as:  Who is the Holy Spirit?;  What is His role in the Holy Trinity?; How can the Holy Spirit be a most valuable resource and help us in our daily lives?; How and when do we pray to Him?   The goal for all is to accept the universal call to holiness, to be more effective Christian leaders and servants of God and His people as well as good husbands and fathers.

    Each one of us is called to holiness, a prerequisite to enter Heaven.  Do we become holy in the here and now or do we wait for the intense cleansing of Purgatory?  A giant step toward holiness is to resign oneself to the power of the Holy Spirit at the beginning of each day……His guidance in what to do, what to say, and what to write.  Then growth in manly virtue will follow.  Let Alan Schreck, an expert on the Holy Spirit, introduce you to the Holy Spirit and His role in our daily lives, His graces, His gifts, and fruits.  Depending upon His power while working on such virtues as humility, love, and trust in God while being faithful to Church teaching, you’ll be on your way to holiness

    We know so little about the Holy Spirit.  Take advantage of the opportunity to know Him better, to discover the difference He can make in your life, to learn that He empowers us to know more about the truth of our Faith and to live the ways of Christ.  He is the principal agent of the new evangelization of which we all have a part.  He is also the love that binds us to God and to one another, a fire of holiness and purity.  Learn how He can be a valuable resource in our daily lives to guide us in our decisions.  That’s only a taste!  Come and see for yourself by attending the Steubenville Diocesan Men’s Day of Renewal on March 9.

    Registration. The men are encouraged to bring their sons (18 and under free of charge) and thus make it also a father and son event.  A bag lunch will be provided.  Although the men may register at the door, preferable for planning purposes is to register by mail with Brett Martz; 75 Stewart St.; Athens, OH 45701 at  Fill out the Registration Form in the brochure in your parish and send a $25 check (payable to the Diocese of Steubenville to the address indicated.  More information may be obtained from the Chairperson of the Steering Committee, Don Coen at 740-264-0155, 740-632-1565, or <>.  For greater convenience, the men may also register on-line at with an additional $3.00 surcharge.  

    Since St. Stephen’s Church in Caldwell is near the approximate center of our far flung diocese, the Steering Committee is hopeful that the men of Steubenville in the north and the men of Ironton and Chesapeake in the south will be able to participate.   This mini-pilgrimage is a Lenten sacrifice of early rising and a long trip with great fellowship in a van or bus as the men pray together, discuss the talks and other events of the Conference, and deepen friendships.

Parish representatives are urgently needed to mobilize the men; they can inform Don Coen of their availability.  Ads in the program and donations to underwrite the Conference and keep the registration at a low price are greatly appreciated and may be sent to Brett Martz (330-354-8028) at the address indicated in the brochure.  Keep posted on resources to promote the Men’s Conference and articles on men’s spirituality at

      Equipped with the power of the Holy Spirit and His gifts, the men will be more effective as fathers as well as leaders in the parish, the community, and on the job.  God fearing men and leaders can be pivotal in changing the culture, putting Christ into the market place (job), renewing the parish, and building the domestic church at home.