Sunday, April 21, 2013

(113) A Godfather's Letter to a First Communicant


Cara Frazee receives her First Holy Communion.

         Most of the time Catholics feel honored when they are named as godparents.  Few realize that they are taking on a life long responsibility which is very easy to neglect as the child grows up and advances into adulthood.  That is to take a special continuous interest in the child beyond birthday cards or gifts, showing up for Confirmation and graduation, etc. They should keep in contact with the child for the rest of their lives and get to know him/her well.  The godparents should take advantage of opportunities to assist the parents in the spiritual formation and development of the child over the years, especially if the parents are not doing their jobs.  They should be always available as a resource for the child be it advice or help in other ways.  This is of course the ideal, but the ideal gives us something to aim for; it gives direction.  I myself am not even close to being the godfather that I should be, but I have tried at least sporadically.  Below is one of my efforts.  May it stimulate you to examine your role as a godparent or choosing one for one of your children.  Choosing a devout responsible Catholic, who is a relative or friend of the family whom you see often, would probably be a good prospective godparent.

St. Louis Church
Gallipolis, Ohio

April 21, 2013

Dear Cara:

            It was such an honor and a privilege for us to be your godparents at your Baptism in October 2004.  That was a happy day.  You were a beautiful baby being received into the Church as a child of God ever so pure without the slightest stain of sin.  Now all of a sudden we have a beautiful little girl nine years old, receiving her First Holy Communion, another great milestone in your life.  Wow does time fly!

            What an awesome gift!  You have received into your heart the body and blood, soul and divinity of Jesus, the Creator of the universe, the King of the Universe, the Almighty, the all-knowing ingeniously creative God.  He comes into our hearts in a real but mysterious way, physically and spiritually for a short period of time…….a communion with the infinite!   What an awesome gift!  Never, NEVER, take the Eucharist lightly and miss Sunday Mass.  Always be faithful to our Lord and Church teaching. 
            So dear Cara, your soul is now so pure.  Don’t let it ever be darkened by a mortal sin or even let it be stained by frequent venial sin which can slowly erode your soul.  Go to Confession often (once a month is recommended) and receive the Eucharist at least every Sunday and more.  Read every day a page or two from the Bible which we gave you and don’t forget to say your prayers every day……at least a short morning offering before school as: “Oh Lord, I offer this day to you.  Please help me to make it pleasing to you.”  In that way every hour of your day becomes a prayer.  Talk to Jesus for a moment whenever you feel like it during the day.  At night talk over your day with Him.  Learn all you can about God, but that’s not enough.  The MOST important is to try to get to know Him well as your friend.  You do that by prayer, receiving Communion, and adoration before the Blessed Sacrament. 
Because God has given you everything, give something back to Him by good deeds and by serving His people as your parents, your brothers, your classmates, your neighbors, the poor, etc.  You’re the oldest and the big sister.  So help your Mom and guide your three brothers on the right path to God.  These are all paths to holiness.  You, all of us, are called by God to become holy, to someday become a saint.  Read the book of saints we gave you.  They are great models of extraordinary holiness and heroic virtue.  Imitate them and someday you will become St. Cara and why not?

When things get difficult as sickness, offer these crosses to God.  No matter how bad things get, always trust in the Lord.  Every saint has had to suffer sometimes.  In the long run, everything will work out for good and you will become closer to God.  TRUST!    It says on that Divine Mercy picture we gave you.  Jesus I trust in you”.  Always seek to do the will of God in your life.  Give yourself to Him.  He indeed has a special mission for you.  When you die, may the world be just a little bit better because of you.

Enclosed in the Bible are a card and two articles I wrote recently for our Church Bulletin, on Divine Mercy and the other on serving God and His people and the awesomeness of the Eucharist.  I dedicate them to you.

We, your godparents love you, Cara and will always be among your biggest fans pulling for you and praying for you.  Don’t hesitate to call us if we can help you.  May God bless you richly on this day and thank you for allowing us to share in your joy. 
   With love from you godparents, 

Paul and Jaga Sebastian

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