Friday, October 21, 2011

(9) The Christophers - You Can Change the World a Little Bit At a Time

Note: The Christopher Movement has inspired me since I was in college back in the late 1950s. It had a major influence on my life that led me to the missions in Peru as a Papal Volunteer for Latin America. Even after leaving Peru in the early 1980s, that missionary spirit continues in my family, in my teaching, in my parish, in my community. Thus for this Mission Sunday that honors missionaries, which we all are, I would like to share the Christopher Movement with you.

        Christopher comes from the Greek, "Cristoforos", meaning Christ bearer. According to its name, the Christopher movement is directed to the lay person to apply the principles of the Gospel in the marketplace of everyday life.  That is to bring Christ to all segments of Society, especially through the critical professions of education, government, social work, social communications, and labor-management relations. Their motto comes from the Chinese proverb: "Better to light one candle than to curse the darkness". May we light many candles in the classroom, the work place, the home, the parish, in our community activities, and even at social gatherings. And through our children, students, subordinates, or colleagues may we illuminate the entire country as their founder, Fr. James Keller, a Maryknoll Father envisioned in his book, "You Can Change he World".